03 d’agost 2007

Society Decays.

[Theoretically-speaking]: Why does everything degrade when technology improves?
Most humans I've seen in action [walking, talking, etc] seem very low to me. I am no one to judge, but I do it anyway [because I am an individual with a mind that analyzes what it sees]. Music was much better 25+ years ago, fashion was sure as hell better than it is in the present day. People dress very ugly nowdays. They think everything is a walk in the park. They now go to restaurants in their t-shirts wearing jeans and sneakers. I am not very old, but this is like garage cleaning clothes..

As each day passes by, more trees are cut, less oxygen for a growing population problem. Animal mutations, contamination in the water, melting ice rising sea level, threatening a majorly catatonic population. Higher exposure to ultra-violet rays. Contamination in space. Breathing fumes of chemicals and other carcinogens. Endangered wild-life. "Encouraging" honest trust-worthy politicians.

Evergrowing xenophobia toward a darker kin. Even though humans will one day be the same colour due to the ozone damage. Why must a human deny the right for other humans to live in their country exist? A country must worry about its internal issues then external; NOT external then internal. This is how bridges collapse. A malfunction in the system.

Sneaky people. They steal from you to rebuild 'schools, highways, etc', BUT they only build in the wealthier areas. [Oh sure! The poor can die, but the rich MUST continue to prosper.]

Bourgeoise VS. Proletariat.

Hunting VS. Hunted.

Corporations replace kingdoms.

Street-cleaner-machines never show up on time, they rather show up on days not on schedule.

I NEVER litter.. Yet I cannot understand why there are certain things slums have. Trash with contaminated water running through it and roadkill on the streets while W.A.S.P.s continue to enjoy their lemonade in their Summer Home in 'Another World'.

Is life really this bad?

Poor areas continue to depreciate as suburban homes keep being constructed in mountains away from what they call 'filth'. Gated communities lock themselves up to protect themselves from the less fortunate when evil seeps from underneath the door crack. Your marble floors will not stop the decay of the world.