29 d’agost 2007

Your input is desired for an 80s video.

The Bollock Brothers,

At times known more for their KROQ hit "Harley David (Son of a Bitch)". Radical taboo!

The video above is my favourite song I've yet heard of theirs. Input wanted. Thanks!

- Ms. Noir-Wave

28 d’agost 2007

The Flowerpot Men / [request]

i. The Flowerpot Men - Beat City [RMX]
ii. The Flowerpot Men - Beat City [Single]
iii. The Flowerpot Men - Jo's So Mean To Josephine


More at a later time.


21 d’agost 2007

Lost in Vide-o-land. [Spanish 80s]

Here is a list of semi-mainstream music I like [Spanish 80's and some early 90's]. I'd like more people to be more fond of the Spanish language. Thus I'm sharing videos with whomever seems to stumble upon my practically-invisible-blog-spec.

*WARNING. Let's face it, some of these videos are bad [quality or just a ball-o-cheese]; music itself goes a far way and with this said.. ENJOY!

Los Prisioneros - Tren al Sur [
Rock en Español, New-Wave] Great vocals, music, I wish there was more Spanish New-Wave, a.k.a. Rock en Español like this]. The lyrics paint a picture about being far from home, taking a Train to the South, long-awaiting the nostalgic return .

UPA! - Ella Llora [
Rock en Español, New-Wave, Pop] Here's an artsy new-romantic well-composed song, even though the lyrics set an atmospheric mood for a lady who cries desperately for losing everything and being utterly alone in the world.

Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte [
Italo-disco] Italo does not often make much sense, here we have a man calling, asking for Don Quixote de la Mancha; whom continues his fight, with the imaginary foes as mentioned in the tome .

Los Iniciados - La Marca de Anubis [
Minimal-electronics, Wave] Aviador Dro members dressed in cult-like cloaks singing about Egyptian mythology god Anubis mark being seen in different places, an experimental low-quality video, entertaining nonetheless .

Caifanes - Perdí mi Ojo de Venado [live] [
Rock en Español, New-Wave]. I wish I'd find the 'videoclip' for this song. It'd sound SO much better, but we'll have to settle for this in the meantime.

I recommend you get the original song version, this live one is of very bad quality, but still great nonetheless.

Los Héroes del Silencio - Entre Dos Tierras [
Rock en Español, New-Wave] This song's lyrics speak about losing faith being smothered in between two lands, and not being able to breathe.

Hombres G - Devuélveme a Mi Chica [
Rock en Español, New-Wave, Pop] A girl left her boyfriend, and he's trying to get her back. Silly lyrics too.. I feel silly just thinking about it.

Tino Casal - Champú de Huevo [
New-Wave, Pop] A girl leaves her boyfriend for another who he describes as a tall Frankenstein. Also criticizes her sudden way of changing completely [her dye, her clothes, her look in general]. The title of this song "Champú de Huevo" directly translates to Egg Shampoo.

Maldita Vecindad - Pachuco [
Punk-Wave, Ska, Reggae] A great sounding song. Talks about people being outraged by this 'punk-wave' that erupted, leaving traditionalism a thing of the past.

Mana - Me Vale [Rock
en Español, Ska-Reggae, Pop] A great ska-influenced rock anthem about being yourself. Ignoring everyone's ignorance and negative opinions about your life or personality. Basically saying "I don't give a shit" in a sarcastic-pop manner.

á - Oyé Mi Amor [Rock en Español, Pop] Here Maná plays/sings about wanting a girl, telling her to leaves her"'deprives, boring" man for him. Romantic and nothing less. Well-composed, the synthesizer adds a great touch.

--- Bad videos for bad people ---

Alejandra Guzmán - Ten Cuidado Con El Corazón [
Rock en Español, Pop-Ballad] Every tough chick has its sad, sad song. Here is Alejandra Guzmán singing her heart out to warn you of the horrible material-lives people lead . A total rock ballad with an attitude!

Gloria Trevi - Pelo Suelto [
Rock en Español, Pop-Rock] Gloria Trevi, notorious for being a rebellious chick. Here she sings about being herself and choosing to wear her hair down and tangled.

[SECOND NOTICE] *WARNING. Let's face it, some of these videos are bad [quality or just a ball-o-cheese]; music itself goes a far way and with this said.. ENJOY!

More to come!!

Flea Market Weekend Treasures

I like to shop for a lot of different 'used' things. I believe everything has a story to tell.

This Sunday I headed down to a flea-market in Valencia I bought a working Atari 2600 with over 12 games in their original box with the 2600 manuals/ads. I also bought a "Music Maker" lap harp and a Yamaha Digital Drum Machine, both are nothing rare but they are something I did not previously own.

20 d’agost 2007

Analogue VS. Digital. + ABC's, through ''G'' for now..

Analogue VS. Digital = Originality Aesthetics VS. 'Forced' Imitation.

If you see ANYTHING below you want, ask, and you shall receive.

Music Artists A-G:
1. futurologischer congress --- heimatlied, 2+1, 2+2=5, 2vm, 3rd crawling chaos, 4 out of 5 Doctors , 4,000,000 telephones, 13th chime, 14 iced bears, 16-bit, 18e oktober, 23 skidoo, 39 clocks, 45 grave, 84 flesh, 451, 707, 808 state, 1000 ohm, 20/20, A Blaze Colour, A Certain Ratio, A Chud convention, A Drop in the Gray, A Ghost on the Move, A New Personality, A Number of Names, A Primary Industry, à;GRUMH, a+p, a², the a's, Aaah...!, abc, abecedarians, Abwärts, Action Pact, Active ingredients, adam + the ants, ADN' Ckrystall, A-Frames, aftermath, agence tass, agent orange, agentes secretos, ago, a-ha [early], Aidons la Norvege, aimless device, AKA, alan barry, alan vega, alan woxx, albert one, aleph, alesia cosmos, alexander robotnick, alexander v. borsig, algebra suicide, alive she died, alphaville, altered images, alternate learning, alu, alvi+the alviettes, amanda lear, Amon Düül II, ana curra, ana hausen, ancha es castilla, André de Saint, Andre Szigethy, andy giorbino, anemic boyfriends, animotion, anna domino, anne clark, anorexic dread, anti matter, anything box, arabesque, arbeid adelt, arcadia, armoury show, arms of someone new, aroma di amore, art barbecue, art decade, art of noise, art ratz, arte moderno, arte no escuro, article 58, asexuals, ash ra tempel, asmodi bizarr, asmus tietchens, the associates, astaron, asylum party, athletico spizz, attic, au pairs, aus lauter lieve, ausweis, autocrat, aviador dro, azoto, aztec camera, azul y negro, the b52's, Baader pop gruppe, babel 17, baby buddha, baby's gang, bagarre, Bal Paré, Ballistic kisses, ban, bananarama [early], baroque bordello, basking sharks, bauhaus, bazooka, beargarden, beatnigs, begin says, belaboris, belfegore, bene gesserit, Beneden De Grens, beograd, beranek, berlin, berlin express, berurier noir, b-film, big audio dynamite, big black, Big Electric Cat, big hair, Big in Japan, Bildstörung, billy joel, bionic boogie, black devil, blackie, blackouts, blah blah blah, blair petrie, blank students, blanket of secrecy, blue in heaven, blue mathue, blue orchids, b-movie, bohemien la parata del circo, bombay ducks, bone symphony, Bongos Atómicos, the boomtown rats, Bowie, breathless, brian eno, brian setzer, Brigade internationale, British Electric Foundation, bronski beat, burning image, bush tetras, buzz, the bolshoi, the bongos, the boys, the brains, the buggles, C K C, Cabaret Voltaire, caifanes, cameo, camilla motor, can, capricorn, Capricorni Pneumatici, capricorns, captain sensible, Car crash set, Carcrash International, captain b. morgan, carmina burana, carol + snowy red, caroline k, casco, c-cat trance, cellophane, central unit, ceramic hello, ceremonia, certain general, the chameleons [U.K], Charles de goal, chatterbox, choir invisible, chrisma, christian death, christiana, chromosome, ciaran harte, cicciolina, cindytalk, circuit 7, circus mort, class info, classix nouveaux, claudia robot, claw boys claw, clock dva, clockwork orange, cloud one, cocteau twins, coil, cola boy, comateens, Comité Cisne, Complot Bronswick, comrades, concrete blonde, cowboy mouth, crash, creaming jesus, creative connection, crimen perfecto, crispy ambulance, cristina, Crónica negra, cuddly toys, cupol, cybotron, cyndi lauper, the call, the cars, the church, the clash, the coolies, the creatures, the cultural decay, the cure, the cranes, carcass, d stop, da, dada 36, danielle dax, danse macabre, dark like a restaurant, das kabinette, das schnitz, data bank a, dave ball, david sylvian, days of sorrow, de fabriek, de press, dead can dance, dead kennedys, deception bay, Décima Víctima, deep freeze mice, deine lakaien, delegation, dementia precox, den harrow, denis & denis, denizens, deo toy, deodato, department s, departure music, depeche mode, der fluch, Der Künftige Musikant, der moderne man, der plan, detonazione, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Deutsche schäferhunde, Deutscher kaiser, Deutschlandterzett, deux, devo, dexy's midnight runners, diabolus in mecanica, diaframma, Diamanda galás, dick hyman, dicky design, Didier Marouani & Paris-France, die art, Die Ärzte, die bunker, die dominas, die form, die gesunden, Die hornissen, Die kastrierten philosophen, die klopfbande, Die Tödliche Doris, dif juz, Digital Dinosaurs, Digital Emotion, dimthings, disco zombies, Diseño, dislocation dance. distributors, dizzy spells martian, DNA, do po, doctor's cat, DÖF, Dolly Mixture, domino effect, doof, doris norton, drinking electricity, dropbears, drowning pool [1984], duet emmo, duotronic synterror, durutti column, the dads, the damned, the dance, the dark, the deal, the dentists, the desperate bicycles, eat your make up, echo + the bunnymen, Ede und die zimmermänner, Edith Nylon, edwin birdsong, ejecutivos agresivos, el pecho de andy, El último de la fila, Electric Light Orchestra, electroid france, electroshock, elektrics, elektriktus, Elli + Jacno, end of data, ende shneafliet, endzeit, ensemble pittoresque, enzo kreft, erasure, erotic drum band, ersatz, escape with romeo, eskorbuto, esplendor geometrico, esprits animauz, est, Estación Victoria, etant donnes, etienne daho, eton crop, eugene bowen, euroshima, executive slacks, experimental products, Experiments with ice, Exposé, Eyaculación Post Mortem, eyeless in gaza, the egyptian lover, the electric prunes, the english beat [the beat], the essence, the expression, english subtitles, factrix, fad gadget, fake, falco, fall of saigon, familia real, fanzine, fashion, faust, Fehlfarben, fela johnson, flowers for agatha, FGTH, Fibonaccis, Figures on a Beach, film, Film noir, fingerprintz, finzy kontini, flans, flash + the pan, Flash Cero, flesh for Lulu [early], Flowerpot Men [80s], flue, fockewulf, focus, Foetus under glass, for against, foreigner, Foresta di Ferro, foyer de arts, fra lippo lippi, fraction moon blood, Frank Sumatra and The Mob, Frank tavaglione, frank zappa [early], Frauen Für Schlechte Tage, Frazier chorus, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle, freur, frigidaire tango, fun fun, furniture, the fast set, the flaming lips, the flashcubes, the flirts, the flowers, firehose, fit + limo, the factory, Gabinete Caligari, galeria de arte, gang of four, gary allen, gazebo, gaznevada, Geier Sturzflug, Gelatinous Citizen, Generated Progression, genocide, gentle people, The Gentry, Gerry & the holograms, glamour, glatze des willens, glaxo babies, the godfathers, the go-go's, the golden palominos, golpes bajos, good rats, gorilla aktiv, grant miller, grauzone, greg vandike, Grønvirke, Guante de Guillotina, Guerre Froide, gust de meyer, guyer's connection,

Music Artists H-Z:

[] Instant Automatons

05 d’agost 2007

The Hawaiian Pups

The Hawaiian Pups, My New Yorker friends! Klett, Terelle, and the lovely Shanahan.

The Hawaiian Pups were an obscure synth-wave group hailing from NYC in the 1980's. Signed by Portrait Records/CBS. Recorded Split Second Precision at Penny Lane studios, and recorded an unreleased music video, which is thought to be a legend, now uncovered, whom I saw with my own eyes at HotHead Studios] video for Young Boys.

Their sound is often quirky and attractive. Sound engineer masters and artists of all trades.

They are highly recommended to fellow collectors of one-of-a-kind bands that leave your mouth drooling for more.

Ironically, they still seem as unique as can be.

Here is their official website along with their official profile and a fanclub:

Additional Links:

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