21 d’agost 2007

Lost in Vide-o-land. [Spanish 80s]

Here is a list of semi-mainstream music I like [Spanish 80's and some early 90's]. I'd like more people to be more fond of the Spanish language. Thus I'm sharing videos with whomever seems to stumble upon my practically-invisible-blog-spec.

*WARNING. Let's face it, some of these videos are bad [quality or just a ball-o-cheese]; music itself goes a far way and with this said.. ENJOY!

Los Prisioneros - Tren al Sur [
Rock en Español, New-Wave] Great vocals, music, I wish there was more Spanish New-Wave, a.k.a. Rock en Español like this]. The lyrics paint a picture about being far from home, taking a Train to the South, long-awaiting the nostalgic return .

UPA! - Ella Llora [
Rock en Español, New-Wave, Pop] Here's an artsy new-romantic well-composed song, even though the lyrics set an atmospheric mood for a lady who cries desperately for losing everything and being utterly alone in the world.

Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte [
Italo-disco] Italo does not often make much sense, here we have a man calling, asking for Don Quixote de la Mancha; whom continues his fight, with the imaginary foes as mentioned in the tome .

Los Iniciados - La Marca de Anubis [
Minimal-electronics, Wave] Aviador Dro members dressed in cult-like cloaks singing about Egyptian mythology god Anubis mark being seen in different places, an experimental low-quality video, entertaining nonetheless .

Caifanes - Perdí mi Ojo de Venado [live] [
Rock en Español, New-Wave]. I wish I'd find the 'videoclip' for this song. It'd sound SO much better, but we'll have to settle for this in the meantime.

I recommend you get the original song version, this live one is of very bad quality, but still great nonetheless.

Los Héroes del Silencio - Entre Dos Tierras [
Rock en Español, New-Wave] This song's lyrics speak about losing faith being smothered in between two lands, and not being able to breathe.

Hombres G - Devuélveme a Mi Chica [
Rock en Español, New-Wave, Pop] A girl left her boyfriend, and he's trying to get her back. Silly lyrics too.. I feel silly just thinking about it.

Tino Casal - Champú de Huevo [
New-Wave, Pop] A girl leaves her boyfriend for another who he describes as a tall Frankenstein. Also criticizes her sudden way of changing completely [her dye, her clothes, her look in general]. The title of this song "Champú de Huevo" directly translates to Egg Shampoo.

Maldita Vecindad - Pachuco [
Punk-Wave, Ska, Reggae] A great sounding song. Talks about people being outraged by this 'punk-wave' that erupted, leaving traditionalism a thing of the past.

Mana - Me Vale [Rock
en Español, Ska-Reggae, Pop] A great ska-influenced rock anthem about being yourself. Ignoring everyone's ignorance and negative opinions about your life or personality. Basically saying "I don't give a shit" in a sarcastic-pop manner.

á - Oyé Mi Amor [Rock en Español, Pop] Here Maná plays/sings about wanting a girl, telling her to leaves her"'deprives, boring" man for him. Romantic and nothing less. Well-composed, the synthesizer adds a great touch.

--- Bad videos for bad people ---

Alejandra Guzmán - Ten Cuidado Con El Corazón [
Rock en Español, Pop-Ballad] Every tough chick has its sad, sad song. Here is Alejandra Guzmán singing her heart out to warn you of the horrible material-lives people lead . A total rock ballad with an attitude!

Gloria Trevi - Pelo Suelto [
Rock en Español, Pop-Rock] Gloria Trevi, notorious for being a rebellious chick. Here she sings about being herself and choosing to wear her hair down and tangled.

[SECOND NOTICE] *WARNING. Let's face it, some of these videos are bad [quality or just a ball-o-cheese]; music itself goes a far way and with this said.. ENJOY!

More to come!!

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Droid Sektor ha dit...

If you want people on good spanish 80s..No better than Paralisis Permanente.
Regards from Portugal

Ra ha dit...

Awesome compilation, thanks!

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