03 d’agost 2007

Wave bye-bye to 'traditionalism'.

I was living on the nor-eastern coast of the united states for nearly a year, it was a nice experience. Overall it was a great diverse area rich with culture. Upon my stay I visited a local Athenian-style Greek Restaurant and had patates tiganites [greek-fries], tiropita [cheese pie] with fine wine lemonade.

Another note, there are countless family-owned pizza joints on almost every major road. Fine thin-wide slices of pizza with tasty tomatoe sauce and cheesy-mozzarella cheese.

Plenty of Portuguese and Spanish restaurants. At a very low price, I might add.

They have some of the cutest bakeries I've seen anywhere on the U.S. that serve fine European goodies. La Bonbonniere's Cookie Jar I recommend any chocolate lovers, Classic New York Black and White Cookies.

Russo's in Ridgewood, Queens "Italian deli" cannolis and traditional gelato. Yum. $8/Lbs. [cookies]

Pulaski Meats is a Polish market with Northern European meat, chocolate, candy, yogurt, seasoning, etcetera. Try the pizza chips while you're at it.. :-)

The Eastern architecture is traditional in nature. It varies from Art-Deco to Colonialism to Edwardian to Victorian. Even in the slums of a Nor-Eastern city you shall find precious architecture. The brown-stones have a traditional american look and feel the stoops add more to the value.

On a more 'immature' note, I am almost 22 and I moved back in to my mother's house for college. It hasn't been a week since I've been back and already I sense the negativity of emotions toward my presence. My mother publicly humiliates me, when all I ask for is, respect. It is her incredibly sarcastic form of behaving that really makes me grind my teeth.

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