05 d’agost 2007

The Hawaiian Pups

The Hawaiian Pups, My New Yorker friends! Klett, Terelle, and the lovely Shanahan.

The Hawaiian Pups were an obscure synth-wave group hailing from NYC in the 1980's. Signed by Portrait Records/CBS. Recorded Split Second Precision at Penny Lane studios, and recorded an unreleased music video, which is thought to be a legend, now uncovered, whom I saw with my own eyes at HotHead Studios] video for Young Boys.

Their sound is often quirky and attractive. Sound engineer masters and artists of all trades.

They are highly recommended to fellow collectors of one-of-a-kind bands that leave your mouth drooling for more.

Ironically, they still seem as unique as can be.

Here is their official website along with their official profile and a fanclub:

Additional Links:

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mug ha dit...

I remeber these guys (and gal). I have that 12' Split Second. Always loved that Baby Judy. Do you know -- did they sample from The Specials Ghost Town on that one?

Wave ha dit...

I asked Klett of the Hawaiian Pups and he said: "nope no samples of any songs - that was an instrument called a Chamberlin. It was like a Mellotron and had a bunch of sound effects on it like wind, a door squeak and cow moo's

there was also no MIDI and very little FSK sync used so everything was played by hand and generally without "punching in" a whole lot (except for guitars)

the drums on spook opera are doubled

the high screaming voices on Baby Judy is me"


mug ha dit...


Club80 ha dit...

Yes, I remember them. I am from Long Island, just in the shadow of Manhattan. I co-author a website called the Post Punk Progressive Pop Party. I'll have to make sure to add an entry on this band one day.

Anònim ha dit...

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